7-step guide: Attract participants to your MDPs

7-step guide: Attract
participants to your MDPs

You take great pains to research, design and arrange management development programs (MDPs).And yet, getting your company’s managers to attend these programs is tricky and tough.Your managers have deadlines to crash, teams to handle, and a business to run – MDPs are not high on their to-do lists.

So what can you do?

The solution is to get participants excited about your program – to make them look forward to it as a serious, valuable, relevant tool to solve pressing problems and develop in their chosen careers.

But this is easier said than done, right?

We at enParadigm have helped over 320 companies do this successfully. This easy-to-use, 7-step guide brings together some of the best practices we have developed. We trust this helps you attract the enthusiastic participation that your programs deserve.

1. Understanding why, and what, to promote
2. Personalization that matters
3. Conveying relevance and benefits
4. Using advocates and references
5. Involving reporting managers
6. Reminders – why, when and how
7. Benefits (and risks) of overbooking