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BFSI – HR Managers
Business acumen, cross-functional perspective, and long-term decision-impact understanding for HR managers.
The gap
Your HR managers handle immense complexity specific to your industry. For example, balancing your long-term employee value proposition (EVP) with immediate delivery requirements, or having to plan/hire/train/retrain resources for a volatile business and technology landscape.
Often, there is also a perspective/priority mismatch between HR and business – leading to conflicts and blame game.
“I come from a non-business background but now I can confidently say that I can understand their concerns.”
Kiran Nikam
Manager, Employee Engagement, Bajaj Finserv
Key Takeaway
– HR managers speak business’ language
– Business and market insight for workforce planning and leadership pipeline
– The imperative to build a coherent, attractive employee value proposition
Long-term, financially-prudent resource planning with a customer perspective
– Cross-functional synergy between different HR functions, and business
Companies like you
Discover companies like yours who have succeeded with enParadigm’s simulation-based programs. We have helped these firms change mindsets, develop critical competencies, and drive tangible business results.
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Comprehensive engagement
We go beyond the one-time workshop model to design and deliver comprehensive engagements. They address individual needs and also help to internalize / apply the insight gained. Engagements typically stretch across many months centered around a simulation-based workshop.

“A great and practical way to develop strategic thinking and to understand the dynamics of cross- functional decision making. A significant help to all senior leaders.”

Mayur Patni
Senior Vice President, HSBC

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