Business-centric design

Business-centric design
Well in advance of the program, in a process spanning several weeks and multiple meetings, we consult with your business and HR leaders. We isolate key business imperatives, identify competency requirements to address these imperatives, and then design programs that adhere to these requirements, while taking into account every individual participant’s current comfort level in the focus areas.

Identify key business imperatives

We take a diagnostic, consultative approach to identifying your business imperatives. Typically, this would involve meetings with your business and HR leadership, as well as a comprehensive study of your current business challenges and competency gaps well before the program is scheduled.

This is vital not only to isolate your learning priorities for the program, but also to customize our simulation to reflect the pressures and levers your participants need to experience.

Link business imperatives to learning requirements

Think of this as two states for your participants. We determine the ideal state, or where they all need to be, by working with your top management. However, to find out their current state, or where they currently are, we need a different perspective.

We take inputs from each participant (and their reporting managers) to identify specific, individual strengths and development areas. This also helps us set expectations and allocate cross-functional teams with complementary strengths.