What happens in a business simulation workshop?

What happens
in a typical business simulation workshop
Program structure
Our interventions are comprehensive programs offering strong pre- and post-program support.


business simulation program structure

Competitive dynamics in a simulation workshop

In a typical workshop, participants are grouped into cross-functional teams of up to 5 each. Each team runs its own virtual company and competes with the others in a simulated business environment.

Each participant plays a specific functional role – like marketing head and operations head – with its own priorities and metrics. These teams then take their company through multiple business quarters. The simulated environment traces real-world market forces and practical problems.

Workshop flow
Our programs are designed as cycles of Simulation ‘action’ sessions (driven by participants), Simulation results debriefing sessions (driven by participants and facilitator) and Concept sessions (driven by facilitator).
In effect, participants get to learn, apply, practice and validate their learning with results from THEIR OWN decisions and link it to their business with practical insight.


business simulation workshop flow
Clarity on decision impact
Our simulation interventions offer a unique opportunity to trace complex cause-effect relationships in business decision-making. This allows for clarity, learning-from-realization and a test-bed to immediately apply learning.


business simulation decision impact
Complex business context
We simulate a complex business context, where your managers can run their virtual companies in a realistic setting of market forces and competition movements across multiple geographies and customer segments.


business simulation context
Retention and application of insights
Our partnerships stretch beyond just the one intervention – we help clients retain the insight gained at the workshop and implement their action-plans.
business simulation consolidation