Customizable simulations

Customizable simulations
We bring a set of flexible, proven simulation platforms, which can be customized per your requirements. We specialize in building in your business’ own pressures and levers into a different context, so as to keep the program relevant while also helping participants open up and innovate.

Proven simulations

Make full use of our simulation platforms – tried and tested at over 350 programs for companies in over 20 sectors across India. Our product team in Bangalore works to ensure that the customizable platforms are both relevant (for business objectives and participant needs) and seamless (technology-wise).

What is more, our simulation platforms are online and on the cloud – and can be run from any of your premises with minimal logistical requirements.

Customized for YOUR business

Customization is risky business. From sector-specific nuances to software stability, even minor issues can wash out the experience you so carefully plan for your participants. We choose from an existing set of proven platforms, and tailor it to suit your exact requirements. Our product team in Bangalore, a mix of business and technology experts, ensures your programs ‘click’, every time.

Over 300 of our clients – companies like yours from various sectors, have sent us participants who swear by our simulations.

Concept versus context

We encounter many clients who want their exact business simulated (and “simulation” companies willing to do it for them). Our consultants, however, understand that participants need to be taken out of their comfort zone (and away from their biases) to trigger learning. We expertly incorporate your business’ particular pressures and levers, but disguise it into another, unrelated business, so participants do not get stuck in the “this cannot be done in my business” mindset.

For example, in a recent program, operations managers of a coal and coke factory participated in simulating a chocolate factory. On the one hand, the chocolate business incorporated particular coal-industry issues like graded raw materials, sourcing delays, storage issues, manufacturing consistency etc. On the other hand, participants who might otherwise have been bogged-down by their coal-and-coke biases, opened up to experimenting, innovating and learning in the (completely new to them) chocolate business.