Difficult decisions without hesitation

Tough decisions without hesitation

Why do managers hesitate?
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How do simulations help?
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What happens in our programs?
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Why do managers hesitate?

Indecision and delays – can they see the costs?
Indecision is expensive. Delays can cost your company dearly. And yet, many managers accept inordinately delayed decisions. One common excuse is that they are searching for a ‘win-win’.
They need to understand the overall picture – and all their cross-functional dependencies – to find out IF the delay costs more than a sub-optimal decision.
For example, if the cost of a raw material rises, the procurement manager has to balance and compare this direct increase in cost, with the downstream costs of idle machinery, delayed deliveries, lost business etc.

Escalation – do they know the issues?
When your managers escalate decisions to your top management, you pay the price in many forms – missed opportunities, sluggish growth, neglected reviews etc. Do your managers know, that every time they ‘pass-up’ a decision, how much they cost the company?

Let us compare the planned (and actual with multiple escalations) daily time allocation for your top executives.

Buy-in problems – can they convince peers?
Imagine one of your VPs facing a tough decision – on whether or not to outsource some parts of your back-office or support functions.

Is he able to convince you of his value proposition? Is he able to win-over your HR who is going to have to re-allocate or retrench the staff? Can he placate the security and compliance concerns voiced by your CIO and your legal team? Can he convince your procurement team to work on an assignment that may, one day, make their own department redundant?

Buy-in takes considerable skill and confidence, best learnt by experiencing it in a controlled environment.

How do simulations help?

Your CXOs have a broader perspective, as well as multiple tools to help them take quick, optimal decisions. Our simulation programs help your managers step in to the shoes of your top executives and get a first-hand experience of decision making at that level. They get these same perspective and tools, ensuring that the speed and quality of their decisions improves significantly.

What kind of results can I expect from this program?

At the end of this program, Your managers will be able to:

  1. 1

    Take timely decisions with confidence

  2. 2

    Anticipate potential issues in buy-in and execution/li>

  3. 3

    Escalate with recommendations, and not just problems

What happens in a simulation workshop

Who is this workshop for?

Designed for senior managers who deal with difficult decisions regularly, and need to understand the pressures your CXO’s go through:

VPs, AVPs and GMs

Functional heads

High potentials