The definitive guide to fool-proof MDPs

The definitive guide to fool-proof
Management Development
Designing a management development program for your senior managers can be exceptionally rewarding – if you can make it ‘click’.A successful program requires you to identify specific business objectives, and work closely with your participants (which could even include your CxOs), learning partners, and your company’s management.

The catch, of course, is that gaps may arise at multiple points before, during and after the program. Which is why we have put together these 8 steps. This list has helped us ensure comprehensive Management Development time and again. We trust it will help you too, in designing and coordinating winning programs.

1. Mapping ‘learning’ to business objectives
2. Getting participants involved in the program
3. Ensuring focus and relevance
4. Generating insight even for senior managers
5. Tapping peer experience and best practices
6. Designing an intense program
7. Translating program investment into specific results
8. Minimizing your follow-up frustration