RPG Group

RPG Group

RPG Group

Consumer Goods and Services; Healthcare; Information Technology Products and Services; Infrastructure

RPG Group is a conglomerate of multiple businesses across sectors like automotive components, information technology, infrastructure, energy, pharma, and plantation. As a part of the it’s growth initiatives, the Group wanted high potentials from multiple businesses to come together annually- for an experiential learning experience through a 10 day Leadership Development Program. The objective was to enable them to step out of their functional silos, gain a holistic business perspective, and eventually be more effective in their roles. The LDP saw participants from CEAT, Zensar, KEC, RPG Raychem and Harrisons Malayalam, and was delivered in 2 stages. During the first stage, participants got exposure to multiple core business concepts like Strategy, Customer Centricity, Financial Acumen, etc.
For the second stage, L&D Leaders Dr.Gopal Mahapatra and Ulka Shukla wanted enParadigm to leverage its simulation methodology to enable participants integrate and fortify all their learning from stage one.

We designed and delivered a simulation based program that not only reinforced the business learning, but also gave the participants an opportunity to apply what they learnt.  Participants ran virtual companies in teams and took critical decisions in a dynamic market. They got to experience first hand, the business impact of their decisions during every quarter and improve them as they moved to the next.

Participant Outcomes

– “I Will analyze all the variables and take decision accordingly , while maintaining my strategy.

– “I will re-look into the department’s next year budget to understand future impact of additional demands

– “I will take decision with clear understanding of long term impact and avoid knee jerk reactive mode


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