Expert facilitators and tailored content

Expert facilitators
and tailored content
We pair our simulations with facilitators who are experts at both 1. interpreting simulation results and 2. linking these results back to core business concepts, for an audience of seasoned professionals.

To use an analogy, one reason Apple products are exceptional, is that they pair their own hardware, with their own core software. We pair our own in-house simulations with our own facilitators, who would be involved in your program from the design stage itself.

Expert facilitators

Simulation programs need facilitators who can bring out multiple layers of business insight from simulation results. They also need to link these insights back to the core business concepts selected for the program. Lastly, they need enough contextual wisdom to link these business concepts to the participants’ industry, company and situation. We have observed that this 3-stage linking (simulation results to concepts, concepts to company concerns), needs a full-time facilitator, with skills and experience.

This is one reason our programs are fully facilitated by experts who understand the technology, business context and the relevant concepts to be imparted. Seeing as they are conducting team-based, competitive and result-driven programs, they also need to be able to handle an audience of seasoned professionals.

Tailored content

Content for our programs is selected after extensive consultations with your business and HR leadership, as well as our network of experts. Our simulation platforms are adaptable to a wide variety of business concepts ranging from competitive strategy to inter-departmental collaboration.

In addition to our own in-house content, we also use (based on specific requirements) content adapted from standard business books, recognized publications in reputed sources like the Harvard Business Review, or from thought leaders like Frederick & Hamble and Michael Porter. Rest assured, the “concept sessions”, as we call them, will match any requirements you may have.