Focus on implementation

Focus on implementation
Getting participants to implement (or internalize, or ‘accept’) their learning has always been the Achilles’ heel of management development programs. This makes it difficult for you to select programs, allocate budgets, justify training spends and get internal buy-in.

Our programs focus on implementation by design, which helps you measure implementation levels against pre-program objectives, and, in some cases, even quantify direct business results.

Specific and actionable plans

As an integral part of the program, towards the end, participants are required to come up with a short list of specific action items complete with a do-by date. This set is then validated with each participant’s reporting manager and shared with the program’s leadership.

In case of some senior management programs, participants also identify 1 or 2 projects. These are again specific and come with a deadline, but are much more detailed and may involve collaboration among multiple participants (which is discussed and agreed upon in the program itself). Each project plan is also shared with participants’ reporting managers and company leadership.

Extended implementation support (on request)

We support your participants in implementing their individual action items (and, where applicable, projects). This is done through direct one-to-one support, primary resources (illustrations and example cases) and supplementary “reminder” resources.

We find that participants often turn to two people for support in this period –
1. their reporting managers (which is one reason we always involve them) and
2. their enParadigm facilitators (who understand the context in which they made their individual action plans).
While we ensure that the latter is available to them on a regular basis, we help our clients ensure the former (reporting managers) are on-board and ready to help their reportees.