How is enParadigm different

How is enParadigm different?
Here is why over 300 companies trust us
With enParadigm, you can rest assured that your program will be relevant to both business and individual participant needs, that it will be expertly and comprehensively delivered, and that great feedback will be backed up with specific, measurable, on-the-ground implementation.
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Relevance guaranteed: Multiple stakeholder meetings
Multiple meetings with business heads and senior stakeholders ensures the program is exactly what your business needs.
Early engagement: Individual participant calls
Individual participant calls and emails ensure the program is exactly what your employees need.
Interactive, team-based, competitive simulations
Our simulations keep participants fully engaged, so they take away all they can from each program.
Expert facilitators
Expert in both business solutions and simulation delivery, our facilitators stay involved from design thru results.
Peace-of-mind: Comprehensive program delivery
Our programs include customized software, expert facilitators, post-program retention modules, and comprehensive support.
Scientific feedback and reports
You can rest assured that every metric is tracked – with our targeted feedback and comprehensive workshop reports.
Post-program implementation report
3-6 months after the program, we get back in touch with individual participants to track implementation of the insights gained.
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