IT Services – Roles with customer interaction

Roles with Customer Interaction
Provide a client-side perspective and develop business acumen, by literally putting them in your customers’ shoes.
The gap
For your customer-interacting roles (particularly those off-shore) who interact with your customers (including program, delivery and project managers, pre-sales teams and operations teams), a lack of customer perspective is a major roadblock. This often leads to misunderstanding, scope issues, delivery delays, cost overruns, etc., ultimately lowering delivered value and up-selling opportunities.
“I can now contribute to the client’s strategic business discussions.”
Anupam Trivedi
Principal Consultant, Infosys BPO
Key Takeaway
– Understand the rationale behind client decisions
– Understand the pressures and levers of various client roles
– Holistic business perspective to mature as customer advisors
– Imperative to work cross-functionally to uncover additional value
Financial acumen and leveraging MIS for meaningful customer conversations
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