IT Services – Program and delivery managers

Delivery and Program Managers
Transform program and delivery managers into complete business managers.
The gap
Your program and delivery managers influence (and are influenced by) every other department’s decisions.

Equip them with visibility across all these dependencies, as well as the tools to analyze financial impact of their decisions and synchronize with other functions to drive enhanced customer value.

“I have been struggling to ensure that project managers in IT have a sound financial view and feel that this program can help give them the right base to complement their technical skills.”
Harish Pani
Associate Partner, IBM
Key Takeaway
– Holistic fulfilment of service levels and delivery/milestone commitments
– Managing customer expectations, handling change requests etc.
– Link daily operational decisions to operating margins (allocation, staging, scope creep, etc.)
– Positive integration with other functions (sales, pre-sales and HR, in particular) to drive profitability
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