IT Services – Senior Management

IT & ITES – Senior Management
Management development built around a holistic, CEO’s perspective of business for your SVP, VP, and GM level roles.
A CEO’s perspective
Your senior management, including the heads of departments, are experts in their own domains. As their responsibility (or your business’ complexity) increases, they also need a CEO’s perspective to excel in their roles.
A strong strategic orientation, sufficient financial and commercial acumen, as well as a cross-functional, holistic perspective of business, are vital for those being groomed to lead multiple P&Ls, multiple functions, or an entire business unit.
“My key takeaways from this program are understanding the impact of strategic decisions on the financials of the organization, and the role of various functions in implementing the strategic goals”
Harry Jose
Head of Marketing, Infosys BPO
Key Takeaway
– A CEO’s holistic perspective of business
– Organization building for differentiation and competitive advantage
Cross-functional business perspective and inclusive decision making
Financial acumen for prudent business decisions at the function, organization, and market level
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Comprehensive engagement
We go beyond the one-time workshop model to design and deliver comprehensive engagements. They address individual needs and also help to internalize / apply the insight gained. Engagements typically stretch across many months centered around a simulation-based workshop.

“These are exceptionally useful interventions that I believe every aspiring business or functional leader must go through.”

Deepa Mukherjee
Head, L&D, NIIT Technologies

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