Leadership Developement Program

Leadership Development
Leadership through experience

Leadership through experience

At our programs, your senior managers get to actually run a company, take critical decisions as a team – and compete with other teams in a volatile environment. They get to make their mistakes in a risk-free, learning-focused setup, and acquire tools and frameworks that help them on their developmental journey.

We worked with over 2000 VPs, AVPs and GMs – to bridge their potential with actual, on-the-ground performance.
We help you in three primary focus areas:

Program for high-potentials

Our high-potentials leadership development program target your most promising managers. They get an opportunity to experience the formidable challenges they will face when they move up to increasingly complex leadership roles in the future.Running an organization in a complex and highly competitive virtual environment gives your high potentials a holistic understanding of business. Your managers will return with tangible, specific action plans and new ideas, ready to take charge of critical roles and drive business performance.

leadership development program for high potentials
leadership development program for succession planning

Succession planning

Finding a leader (for your company, department or business unit) is hard. This is because, senior leaders need to be competent from multiple angles:

  1. They need to be fully conversant with every aspect of the company/unit itself (the ‘inside’ view)
  2. They also need to be expert at interpreting and predicting customer sentiment, competitor movement, and market adjustments (the ‘outside’ view)
  3. They need both expertise and confidence in their new duties (which is usually a product of repeated, and eventful, experience)


Business and financial acumen

Our customers realize that at least some of their senior managers, are not actually business managers. They are engineers, supervisors, accountants, scientists, etc., who have come up the ladder based on performance in their functions (departments). Even for MBAs, what they learnt at business school is often a distant memory when they reach GM/VP level positions (usually many years after their education).Programs offering business and financial acumen thus serve as a bridge (for those who do not have formal business education) or refresher (for those who do). These include practical, ready-to-use tools that they themselves can try out, validate and adopt.

leadership development program for financial acumen