Participant centric programs

Participant-centric programs
Our relationship with your participants lasts many months. From initial discussions weeks before the program, to facilitating peer learning during the program, to many months of individual implementation assistance – we ensure that participants find the program engaging, relevant and tailor-made.

Individual pre-program connect

Our engagement with your participants begins well before the program. We connect with individual participants to set expectations and gather insight on specific strengths and development needs. We also involve each participant’s reporting manager, so as to drive seriousness, validate strengths and gaps, and ensure the participant has sufficient internal support for the program.

Peer learning

We divide your participants into cross-functional teams, carefully selected for complementary strengths and development areas. Beyond their actions in the simulation, the facilitator’s input and the course content, at our programs, participants learn the most from their peers.

For example, in a typical program of 25 participants with 16-20 years of experience each – we facilitate the sharing of a collective 450 years of professional expertise. As one of our participants put it – “I now see that if EACH of us can be as smart and effective as ALL of us combined, we will scale great heights.”

Individual feedback and post-program assistance (on request)

Participants get feedback at overall, team and individual level. The in-program interactions are also designed to address individual needs at specific intervals.

After the program, (optionally) the facilitator will be made available for individual consulting at regular intervals – to clear any doubts and, more importantly, help overcome problems in actually implementing their action items.