Retention by design

Retention by design
Our programs go beyond learning and support participants in retaining key insight. Retention is incorporated into the program (with cyclic reinforcement) and also after the program (with online retention modules).

Cyclic reinforcement

Our programs are designed as cycles of three distinct activities: 1. Simulation ‘action’ sessions (driven by participants), 2. Simulation results debriefing sessions (driven by participants and facilitator) and 3. Concept sessions (driven by facilitator).

In effect, participants get to learn (from a concept session), apply, practice and validate their learning with results from THEIR OWN decisions (from the next simulation session) and link it all back to their business with practical insight (in the debriefing session).

Post-program retention modules

When senior managers get back to their daily grind after a program, retaining what they learnt is a major issue. We have identified a 4-week consolidation window, during which participants are at heightened risk of forgetting not only their takeaway, but also their identified action items.

However, this 4-week period is also an opportunity – to internalize learning with targeted (but minimal) intervention. Our online retention modules do just that – act as reinforcement for participants through short, online, exercise-based modules.