Aspire Simulation – Strategy Alignment & Execution

Aspire Simulation
Organizational alignment and strategy execution for middle management

Problems addressed

Inter-departmental conflicts
Junior and middle managers are the prime victims to inter-departmental conflicts, unable to comprehend the basis of the hostility, or powerless to break through barriers created by their superiors’ agendas.
Inability to understand the big picture
With their department-led duties presenting no opportunities to get a holistic view of the business, managers may develop a window-ed, myopic approach to decision making.
Relating to customer needs
In a rapidly-shifting market, where customers are more demanding than ever, managers, even those who do not handle client-facing roles, need acute awareness of the needs of their company’s customers.
Disconnect with corporate strategy
Many junior and middle managers do not buy in to their top management’s agenda – a problem symptomatic of differing perspectives and experiences.

Key takeaways

  1. 1

    Long-term, strategic approach to decision making

  2. 2

    Frameworks to translate strategy to functional metrics and targets

  3. 3

    Creating sustainable advantage in competitive markets

  4. 4

    Hands on understanding of implementation pitfalls

  5. 5

    Tools to measure, review and report progress towards sustained profitability

Participant Testimonials

Prashant Prabhu
Delivery Manager, Thirdware Solution
Excellent. Gained great insights into how cross functional decision making works and how the decisions impact a company’s performance.
Aditya S Paranjape
DGM – eCommerce, The Mobile Store
8 years after B school, I realized I am not applying what I learnt to situations at work. This workshop would help me implement my learning at work. A great way of revising business fundamentals.