Leadership Simulation

Leadership Simulation
CEOs’ perspective of business for senior management

Problems addressed

Functional silos
When functional silos replace complementary departments, a bevy remarkably talented departments may end up recording remarkably poor performance.
Short-term focus
Managers who spend their days tweaking, optimizing and fire-fighting may get trapped in a myopic, short-term mindset that prevents them from contributing to the big picture.
Business Ambiguity
As your business grows in size and complexity in a volatile market, managers need to deal with internal and external ambiguity as a matter-of-course.
Comprehending financials
With increasingly demanding customers and the entry of disruptive innovators, every manager needs to be keenly aware of the financial impact of every decision.
Threats from competition
With rising competition, managers need to be able to recognize threats, identify and anticipate competitor moves – and make prudent, confident counter-moves.

Key takeaways

  1. 1

    Long-term, strategic approach to decision making

  2. 2

    Frameworks to translate strategy to functional metrics and targets

  3. 3

    Creating sustainable advantage in competitive markets

  4. 4

    Hands on understanding of implementation pitfalls

  5. 5

    Tools to measure, review and report progress towards sustained profitability

Participant Testimonials

Dhaval V Vashi
Group CFO, M J Biopharm
The workshop helped me understand the importance of cross functional understanding among team members. I also learnt the concept of strategy in real sense.
Dhananjay Devasper
Global Delivery Head, TCS
An excellent experiential workshop with concepts introduced at the right moments to enhance the quality of learning experience.

Arul Prakash
VP, Gunnebo India