Operations Simulation – Operational Effectiveness at Plant

Operations Simulation
Operational effectiveness and plant profitability for plant managers

Problems addressed

Demand fluctuations
Frequent demand fluctuations and competitive margins mean your plant level managers have to ensure production tracks demand, efficiently.
Inter-departmental conflicts
Plant managers, often fall victim to inter-departmental conflicts, the prime roadblock to enhancing operational effectiveness.
Inability to understand the big picture
With their plant-centered duties presenting no opportunities to get a holistic view of the business, managers may struggle to understand the big picture.
Resource optimization
From price fluctuations in commoditized raw materials to labour issues plant managers have to overcome multiple problems to optimize resource utilization.

Key takeaways

  1. 1

    Responding to market dynamics

  2. 2

    Frameworks for resource optimization

  3. 3

    Integrating long-term plans

  4. 4

    Working effectively in diverse functional teams

  5. 5

    Tools to identify cost drivers and profitability

Participant Testimonials

Balaji T
HOD Accounts, MRF Arakonam Plant
Very good learning experience. Great insight into the requirements and challenges faced by other departments in a plant.
Ananda Kumar
Senior Operations Manager, Ennore Coke
Operations Simulation Workshop helped me understand the importance of proper utilization of resources, proper planning and the financial impact of decisions.