Problem Solving Simulation – Data Mining for Decision Making

Problem Solving Simulation
Data intelligence for decision making for middle managers

Problems addressed

Gut-based decisions
Data-driven decisions are proven to be far more effective than intuitive ‘gut-feel’ decisions – and yet managers resort to ad-hoc analyses that include all their inherent biases and blind-spots.
Inability to link data to business
An inability to make ‘business sense’ out of available data one of chief culprits in major decisions going wrong.
Disconnect with top management
Managers are often frustrated by a disconnect with (or lack of buy-in from) top management because they interpret and use the same data differently.
Non familiarity with decision-making tools
Most mid-level managers, including those who organize data diligently, do not have the tools and frameworks needed to utilize that data for effective business decisions.

Key takeaways

  1. 1

    Identifying and isolating business-relevant data

  2. 2

    Structured processes for converting data to business insights

  3. 3

    Tools and analysis frameworks to identify important trends and patterns

  4. 4

    Presenting business insights and action items to decision makers effectively

Participant Testimonials

Himanshu Shah
AVP Finance, Claris Lifesciences

I learnt how to generate hypotheses, do data mining and analysis, and connecting data to business decision making in this workshop.

Nilay Choksi
Senior General Manager, Claris Lifesciences

It was an amazing experience and great learning. My biggest takeaway are data mining, and graphical representation of qualitative analysis. Thank you very much.