Sales Simulation

SalesPro Simulation
Drive sales transformation (for senior sales managers)

Problems addressed

Aligning channel partners
Aligning various channel partners to company goals is a major challenge, often stemming from an inability to showcase relevant business cases and scenarios.
Inventory and stock-outs
Shrinking delivery times and increasing product diversity have made excess inventory costs and stock-out losses significant competitive disadvantages.
Market penetration and growth
Maintaining market penetration and growth is increasingly complex in an age of shrinking margins, open markets and intense competition.
Returns on promotions
Sales promotions often emerge as knee-jerk reactions to market cues – tracking RoI on which becomes a complex (and often depressing) exercise.

Key takeaways

  1. 1

    Channel selection for product–customer fit

  2. 2

    Driving distribution using key financial and operational metrics

  3. 3

    Effectively incentivizing channel partners

Participant Testimonials

Amit Pandey
Area Sales Manager, HCL Infosystems

The workshop helped me understand the importance of inventory management and proper partner selection. It was a very good learning experience.

Soumyadip Pal
Regional Sales Manager, HCL Infosystems

Excellent workshop for all young managers. Definitely will help build better understanding of financial impact of decisions and aid in channel selection.