Why Business Simulations

Why Simulations
Trigger behavior change, deliver ready-to-apply insight

For seasoned professionals, our simulations can trigger a behaviour change by exposing gaps (or presenting opportunities).

They can also develop diverse perspectives – like a preview of the next level of responsibility, or the view from another department’s perspective.

They can also deliver practical tools that can be verified (in the simulation, by the participants themselves), internalized and adopted immediately.

Powerful trigger for behaviour change

Our simulations focus on helping senior managers ‘realize’ gaps and opportunities. They achieve this by making participants take decisions and act – and then providing real-time results and feedback on those decisions and actions.Thus, an effective trigger is created with the following cycle:

  • Take decisions and act
  • Get real-time results and feedback
  • Identify gaps (what went wrong), opportunities (what could have gone better) and best practices (what went right)
Why Business Simulations
Why Business Simulations

Holistic view of business

Our clients often wish their senior managers had a ‘sandbox’ mode where they could look at the big picture (run an entire department or company), take decisions in a no-risk environment, and learn from their experience. Our simulations enable them to do precisely that.Another feature is that participants can step-into-the-shoes of other functions, departments or business units, to understand their unique pressures and levers. Our simulations have this unique ability to reduce cross-functional conflict and create strategically aligned, well-connected, and responsive organizations.

Practical, hands-on learning

Reading material, lecture-based sessions, and even case discussions, require the participants to understand a concept, translate it to their business specifics, and then test/adopt it in their day-to-day work.Our simulations eliminate at least two steps (and sometimes three) in this process – participants understand every concept by executing it, in an environment designed to address concerns specific to their business. They also get to validate their learning by applying it in the program itself.

Why Business Simulations