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Relevant, business centric – we make simulations work for you

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300+ companies like yours have already placed their faith in us. We focus on implementation and have delivered results around cross-functional collaboration, revenue growth, driving profitability, enhancing customer satisfaction, and the like. We work with enterprise-level and SME clients across 20 different sectors – ask for a reference from yours.

6 Reasons to work with us

Business-centric design

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Customizable simulations

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Expert facilitators

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Retention by design

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Focus on implementation

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Participant-centric programs

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Participants speak for us

I highly recommend enParadigm’s workshops to anyone who has any aspiration to run a firm. It gives great insights into how a company is actually run and dispels a lot of notions that some of us (BU Heads) have while we work in our silos.

Samant Sikka

Senior Vice President, Axis Asset Management

What happens in a simulation workshop?

In a typical workshop, participants are grouped into cross-functional teams of up to 5 each. Each team runs its own virtual company and competes with the others in a simulated business environment. Each participant plays a specific functional role – like marketing head and operations head – with its own priorities and metrics. These teams then take their company through multiple business quarters. The simulated environment traces real-world market forces and practical problems.